The Dawn Gideon Foundation Scholarship Program

A focus of the Dawn Gideon Foundation is providing scholarship assistance to deserving individuals who are pursuing a master’s degree in health care administration. In the selection of scholars, the Foundation works with the University to identify potential leaders who embody the skills, imagination, commitment and compassion that Dawn possessed. Going forward our hope is to build a community of scholars who will change and define health care and serve as mentors for all who follow. Being a force for change and creating time to pull others along were important to Dawn and those selected for scholarship will continue that legacy.

2017 Recipient

Zoe Kaufman, a Connecticut native, has recently moved to Pittsburgh to begin her studies toward an MHA degree. She received Magna Cum Laude honors for her Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Connecticut. Always an interest in medicine, Zoe did an independent study on the history of psychology in the United States. Recently she has been chosen to serve as the Pitt Public Health Alumni Relations Committee representative. Also, Zoe decided to become an active member on the Pitt Public Health Student Government Association by taking the position of social chair. In the near future, she is eager to start volunteering in a medical environment and become involved in local organizations. Beyond academics, Zoe has a passion for traveling the world, reading, and playing golf.

2016 Recipient

Kristin Free completed her undergraduate career at the University of Pittsburgh in Rehabilitation Science and Psychology with certificates in Psycho Social Issues in Disability and Children's Literature. After working clinically as a Brain Injury Specialist she decided to return to school to pursue her MHA so that she can make a larger scale difference. Additionally, Kristin is pursuing a certificate in Global Health. Kristin is currently in an extended residency position at Allegheny Health Network in the department of Informatics. In Kristin's free time she enjoys volunteering at local hospitals with her Greyhound providing therapeutic support and riding horses.

From Kristin:

Being the first recipient of the Dawn Gideon Scholarship has been a humbling experience. From what I have heard is that Dawn was an exceptional woman who had an incredible way of solving complex problems. Every person who I have met through the foundation has shared an incredible story about Ms. Gideon impacted them, that is what has inspired me. Receiving this scholarship has inspired me to really be my best, but not only my best but to be someone who stands out, who everyone I touch has a great story about me. Additionally, the foundation has provided me with a networking of the most supportive people I can imagine. During the "Raise the Brow" golfing event someone came up to me and quoted Saving Private Ryan by saying "Earn It". This moment has really resonated with me throughout the program thus far. Every time I think I am doing good enough, I remember that good enough is not what I set out to do.

Awards and Recognition

The Dawn Gideon Foundation is proud to provide recognition to individuals involved in healthcare administration who demonstrate the high ideals that Dawn believed to be so important. With these awards the Dawn Gideon Foundation continues to build the distinguished network of professionals who are a part of that proud legacy.
Samantha Clark is a MHA student at the University of Washington, in Seattle. With a bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University in Psychology, she served as a Social Worker in short-term rehabilitation and long-term care before returning to school. Currently, Samantha is also pursuing a certificate in Healthcare Analytics, and working as an Advance Care Planning Coordinator for the WA NW Providence Medical Group. Committed to fostering change, Samantha has implemented a Student Strengths event series to spur leadership development in her fellow classmates, and helped to create a teamwork-fostering school program for elementary students with Type One Diabetes. In her spare time, Samantha can be found exploring the vast beauty of the PNW with her dog, laughing with friends and family, and making the most of every moment she can.