The Dawn Gideon Foundation

The Dawn Gideon Foundation was founded in 2015 in memory of Dawn M. Gideon, a truly strong, intelligent and creative force in life and in her chosen profession. Dawn was a woman who dedicated herself to working with struggling healthcare providers and finding creative avenues to success. She found the strength and resilience to do that in the same way she conducted her personal life - always consumed by a concern for others. The Dawn Gideon Foundation provides opportunities for healthcare administrators and their organizations at every level. Scholarships for graduate students, organizational internships, and education forums. Additionally, the Foundation is establishing opportunities for executive development and research. All of this is done to honor Dawn and her marvelous legacy.
Dawn M. Gideon

Our Mission

The Gideon Foundation provides resources to train and empower professionals, with preference to women , to succeed in healthcare careers and to become role models for compassionate and intelligent leadership. The Foundation uses three vehicles to achieve this goal; education, forums for discussion and the sharing of ideas; and funding research opportunities all focused on problem solving and bringing value to organizations while respecting the needs of all impacted. The Foundation's long-term goal is to be recognized as a thought leader in the healthcare industry while providing opportunities for the advancement of women.

Our Vision

The foundation seeks to find similarly motivated individuals and provide them with the best opportunities for success while helping to create learning environments for professionals so that they - like Dawn - will continue to focus on the responsibility of healthcare providers to focus on patients, the communities that are served and the providers.

Our Support

Scholarship > The Foundation is sponsoring academic scholarships in healthcare management for deserving graduate students.

Educations Forum > The Foundation sponsors an annual forum for healthcare leaders to present and discuss challenges in the industry and creative alternatives to meet those challenges.

Mentoring > The Foundation will cultivate a mentoring community focused on providing support to individuals providing consulting services in healthcare administration and restructuring.

Workforce Opportunities > Funding paid internship stipends for graduate level healthcare administration students. The goal is to provide and internship to organizations unable to fund their own.

Research Grants > The Foundation will annually award grants between $10,00 and $50,00 to practicing professionals, providing these individuals time and flexibility to explore creative solutions to real world problems in the administration of healthcare services.

The Board of Directors

The Directors of the Dawn Gideon Foundation work to ensure that the Foundation's mission and vision keep the spirit of Dawn Gideon alive. They serve without compensation and do so from the heart.

James Nugent, Marjorie Guglin, Kevin Altomari, Linda Antonelli, Linda LoCascio, John DiDonato

> Kevin J. Altomari
   The Redan Group
   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

> Jess Jones
   Managing Director
   Huron Consulting Group
   Chicago, Illinois

> Nancy A. Peterman
   Greenberg Traurig
   Chicago, Illinois
> Linda Antonelli
   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

>Suzanne Koenig
   SAK Management
   Services, LLC
   Northfield, Illinois
> John DiDonato
   Managing Director,
   Practice Leader
   Huron Business Advisory
   Huron Consulting Group
   New York, New York
> Linda T. LoCascio
   LLC Consulting Group
   Baltimore, Maryland
> Marjorie Guglin, RN, MPH
   Vice President,
   Clinical Projects Management
   Yale New Haven Hospital
   New Haven, Connecticut

> James Nugent
   Managing Director,
   Huron Consulting Group
   Chicago, Illinois